5-Star Telemed is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care. We are driven to improve patient care in all settings with a special emphasis on Skilled Nursing Facilities. Our telemedicine services utilize industry-leading technology to deliver the best care for our patients. We offer world-class telemedicine consultations for health care facilities.

Rehospitalization from a skilled nursing facility costs Medicare well over $4 billion each year, and it costs nursing facilities as well. We were motivated to develop innovative solutions to combat the substantial costs associated with rehospitalization. We are proud to be in a position to reduce costs while improving patient care.  

By having a provider available at a given facility 24/7, we project a reduction in rehospitalization rates at a given facility. With our structure, patients continuously enjoy high-quality care, and facility staff gain peace of mind knowing a provider is available to quickly help a patient in need.

We are fervently committed to providing the best care for your patients. Please reach out to us via online chat, phone, or email if you are interested in how we can improve care and reduce costs within your health care operation.


The beauty is the simplicity of use and integration within our industry leading platform


State of the Art Care


Our telemedicine isn't a simple video call. We have units that facilitate a comprehensive visit such that our providers can accurately assess the patient and make the correct decision.


Our telemedicine platform facilitates a swift, considerate visit that meets each patient's needs. Our team consists of professionals with the appropriate experience to provide excellent care.


Our cutting-edge platform ensures quality care for all patients. Coupling our technology with our healthcare workers allows us to shine. 

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