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With 5-Star Telemed's telemedicine platform, virtual consultations are quick and reliable. Our consultations offer comprehensive, flexible assessment options for skilled nursing facilities, long-term care facilities and more. It is perfect solution for odd hours. In addition to a 2-way high definition video encounter, our innovative platform facilitates the following:

Remote Auscultation
Wireless Spirometry
Blood Glucose
12 - Lead EKG
Blood Pressure


5-Star Labs is special offering of 5-star's telemedicine platform. This is an integrated solution implementing industry leading technology that allows for quick lab tests that include the following:

     ​- Routine Blood Chemistry

     - Blood Gas

     - Electrolyte

     - Troponin

     - BNP

     - CK-MB

     - And More

All integrated within our platform for an easy to use. comprehensive platform centered on patient outcomes. Our offering collectively improve outcomes and reduce rehospitalization rates.

Telemedicine Consultations 

We offer telemedicine physician consulations for a postacute care healthcare setting. 

How It Works 

We aren't the traditional telemedicine company, nor do we settle for the past. Learn more about how our innovative technologies are transforming postacute care. 

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We are excited to work with you! Let's begin our fruitful discussion on how to improve patient care and reduce costs together. 

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