For Post Acute Care Facilities

Medical Directorship
Theoria Medical offers medical directorship services to skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and independent living facilities. A Theoria physician is the assigned medical director at the facility and also an attending physician constantly involved in the medical management of the facility. The medical director sees all new admissions promptly, completes all appropriate documentation promptly, actively participates in QA, and much more.
Theoria medical directorship encompasses much more than physician services. The Theoria team works together to improve facility workflows, facilitate a productive collaboration between the nursing staff and medical staff, provide nursing staff education, and provide superior care with a standardized process.
Further, Theoria works closely with the hospital systems in the region to outline our initiatives and highlight how we are improving resident care in your facilities. We will set up meetings with hospital leadership to discuss a collaboration between Theoria, the facility, and the hospital to improve transition of care and much more.
Medical Management
Theoria providers are highly trained clinicians particularly skilled in post-acute care. All providers undergo a rigorous training program that includes compliance with applicable regulations that post-acute care facilities are subject to.
With the Theoria model, a physician assistant or nurse practitioner rounds at the facility 5-7 days per week, in addition to the medical director's presence in the building. There is 24/7 constant availability of a provider for the nursing staff to contact. Patients are seen immediately for any acute issues, and our providers coordinate care effectively between all the members of the patient's care team.
We also offer multiple speciality services that include:
  • Psychiatry
  • Pulmonology and Critical Care
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Cardiology
  • Wound Care
Regulatory Compliance
Theoria understands the importance of state surveys and applying to all the regulations and guidelines facilities are subject to. We work closely with facilities during and prior to survey time to ensure compliance.
All of our providers undergo comprehensive compliance education that includes guidance on how to appropriately interact with state surveyors. With this, facilities can have peace of mind when a Theoria provider is involved in an investigation or any regulatory matter.
Avoidable Readmission Reduction and Analysis
Theoria Medical directly works to reduce avoidable readmissions through superior medical management and an effective physician model. Theoria providers are constantly involved in resident care to ensure issues are immediately addressed. Theoria's readmission reduction philosophy is based on managing clinically complex resident's issues immediately and effectively to reduce the risk of needing a hospital transfer.
Moreover, we conduct analyses to identify gaps in care that lead to readmissions in addition to general readmission analysis. With our industry partners such as IBM, we will leverage data to create actionable insights that our staff will use to execute strategies to improve resident care and reduce readmissions.
For Hospitals

Hospitalist Medicine
Theoria Medical's highly skilled internists provide hospital medicine services for acute care hospitals of any size. This includes 24/7 365 coverage with physicians and midlevel providers.
The hospitalist team will admit a variety of patients to the service including:
  • Standard inpatient
  • ICU
  • NICU
  • SICU
  • CRDC
  • Surgical patients
  • Trauma patients
Our physicians will be engaged and involved with the hospital. This includes physician engagement with
  • Multidisciplinary rounds
  • All requested hospital committees
  • Involvement with residency program
  • Involvement with medical student rotations
Theoria will work with hospital administration with respect to performance and quality measures. The hospitalist team will work diligently to perform with respect to particular focus areas of administration.
For Ambulances

Theoria Medical offers innovative physician models to support ambulance programs to target the 90-day readmission rate post discharge from post-acute care or the hospital.
We work with ambulance companies to implement a post-discharge follow-up program in conjunction with post-acute care providers and hospital systems in the region. There are many models we can develop and implement with this type of program including comprehensive physician visits via telemedicine post-discharge.
EMS companies work with us to equip their ambulances with the latest telemedicine technologies to provide the latest capabilities while on the job. The ability to have a physician assess the patient immediately is invaluable. This capability facilitates many types of programs that are sought out by hospitals and other stakeholders.
Please contact us to learn more.
For Primary Care Practices

For Home Health

Theoria Medical will work with home health agencies to increase access to care. For patients who may not have a primary care physician, Theoria will provide services via telemedicine and establish that relationship through the home health agency.
We will work with home health agencies to establish a workflow that suits the agency's operations to deliver care through our telemedicine platform.
For Payers

Theoria Medical is dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective care. We are a proponent of value-based care as it promotes quality care and rewards positive outcomes; Theoria is interested in developing and participating in innovative payment models that reduce healthcare spending and promote quality.
Theoria’s finance team will work with payers to develop and participate in multifarious payment methodologies that promote quality and reduce costs. With a unique combination of involvement in hospital medicine and post-acute care, Theoria is in a strategic position to outperform in these programs.
Models that Theoria will participate in include the following:
  • Bundled Payments
  • ACOs
  • Alternative Payment Models
  • At-Risk Contracts
  • Payment Model Development
  • i-SNP Plan Development
  • Medicare Advantage Plan Development
We are the fastest growing medical group based in Michigan providing a multitude of services to improve quality of care in various settings leveraging state of the art technology to support us in our pursuit of excellence.