With 5-Star Telemed’s telemedicine platform, virtual consultations are quick and reliable. Our consultations offer comprehensive, flexible assessment options for skilled nursing facilities, long-term care facilities, and more. It is a perfect solution for odd hours. 


At 5-Star Telemed, we understand the intricacies and difficulties of managing SNF patients. Many patients present with complex problems that require meticulous attention and care. 


We are up to the task. Our telemedicine services differ from the traditional simple video chat consultation. Our services are well-tailored to the complex healthcare environment, and our equipment supports that fact. 


Our telemedicine services are delivered through 5-Star Telemed’s advanced telemedicine units. Our units are mobile and easy to operate. They include a stethoscope, exam camera, otoscope, glucometer, thermometer, spirometer, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, and 12-lead ECG. Therefore, we are ready to provide the best care quickly as if a physician was physically present. 


These physician consultations are perfect for quick medical assessment. Rather than simply sending a resident to the emergency department during a medical event, nursing staff can bring the 5-Star Telemed unit to the patient and facilitate the visit. Our physicians can read vitals, auscultate, order prescription, order labs, and more right from our telemedicine carts. Learn more about the process by visiting the How It Works tab. 


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