Post-Acute Care Facilities

The complexity of the post-acute care continuum can result in several challenges for patients and their providers. These include an increased risk for adverse outcomes, additional healthcare-related costs, and hospital readmissions. To address these challenges, Theoria Medical™ has created a post-acute care program that manages the patient transition through the entire care continuum -- from post-hospital discharge into either a post-acute care center, skilled nursing facility, or home health setting. This model incorporates education and outreach with data-driven patient care solutions to enhance both clinical care and patient quality of life.

The Theoria Medical™ model of post-acute care features a host of patient-centric programs tofacilitate optimal patient care and lower the risk of rehospitalization. These programs include Remote Patient Monitoring, Chronic Care Management, Wound Care, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Theoria Medical™ leadership works diligently to improve healthcare delivery in the post-acute care setting and incorporates key performance indicators with benchmarking to measure performance metrics and drive process improvement. We believe that it is this level of accountability that has made Theoria Medical™ a best-in-class provider of health technology solutions.

  • Health Technology for Post-Acute Care
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Home Health Agencies
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Theoria Medical™ provides hospital medicine services to streamline workflows and facilitate healthcare cost containment while improving processes that contribute to healthcare delivery, patient quality of life, and quality measures.

The Theoria model of care is business-driven to meet the needs of hospital administrators. We offer our partners a platform that gives staff more time to spend with patients, enhance care coordination, and improve efficiency and workflow. This model does so by combining technology with care management services to reduce costs and improve outcomes by leveraging a proprietary electronic health record system that relies on data gathering and analytics to conduct predictive modeling. This affords clinicians the opportunity to improve their understanding of disease patterns to enhance patient care and offer appropriate services to patients so they can get the right care at the right time. Too often, clinicians review data from a historical perspective, which can hinder the provision of care.

Theoria Medical™ works with hospital administration with respect to performance and quality measures while our hospitalist team can admit a variety of patients to a hospital setting. These include:

  • Standard inpatients
  • ICU
  • NICU
  • SICU
  • CRDC
  • Surgical patients
  • Trauma patients

Our physicians will be engaged and involved with the hospital. This includes physician engagement with:

  • Multidisciplinary rounds
  • All requested hospital committees
  • Involvement with residency programs
  • Involvement with medical student rotations
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Emergency Transportation Providers

Theoria Medical™ offers innovative physician models to support ambulance programs to target the 90-day readmission rate post discharge from post-acute care or the hospital.

We work with ambulance companies to implement a post-discharge follow-up program in conjunction with post-acute care providers and hospital systems in the region. There are many models we can develop and implement with this type of program including comprehensive physician visits via telemedicine post-discharge.

EMS companies work with us to equip their ambulances with the latest telemedicine technologies to provide the latest capabilities while on the job. The ability to have a physician assess the patient immediately is invaluable. This capability facilitates many types of programs that are sought out by hospitals and other stakeholders.



Theoria Medical™ is a proponent of value-based care as it promotes quality care and rewards positive outcomes. As such, we develop and participate in innovative payment models that reduce healthcare spending and promote quality.

We simplify health plan operations by offering comprehensive services that are powered by a modern and integrated platform. Our finance team works with payers to develop and participate in multifarious payment methodologies that promote quality and reduce costs. With a unique combination of involvement in hospital medicine and post-acute care, Theoria Medical™ is strategically positioned to outperform in these programs. We routinely participate in the following models:

  • Bundled Payments
  • ACOs
  • Alternative Payment Models
  • At-Risk Contracts
  • Payment Model Development
  • i-SNP Plan Development
  • Medicare Advantage Plan Development
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